Chronométrage par GPS / GPS Lap Timer

5 Hz GPS compatible – OBD Interface

Accéléromètre / Accelerometer




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Once all settings done, you can launch WinODB. Before check the following points :

  • OBD interface is connected
  • GPS is ON (if you use one and if it is bluetooth connected)
  • Start the engine (needed with some model of vehicle)
  • Activate Bluetooth on the PDA if you use wireless OBD (or GPS) interface

When you start the engine, WinODB immediately monitor all parameters (average speed and consumption is displayed only after a few seconds).

Click anywhere on the screen (except on button) to switch between these 3 screens :

Monitoring screen, "statistics" mode

 Monitoring screen : gauge mode

 Monitoring screen : cost & global statistics

Gauge are displayed in green if monitored parameter is under the set threshold, in red beyond. A sound is possibly played.

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