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Required Hardware

WinODB is a software running under Windows and Windows Mobile. So you must have a PC running any version of Windows (98 to Vista) or a PDA (or PDAPhone) running Windows Mobile 2003, CE 4.2/5/6, Mobile 5/6.

In order to communicate with your car, the software needs an interface with the OBDII socket  (this socket is present in all cars produced afer year 2000). This interface must be ELM 327 protocol compliant and can be wireless (Bluetooth), which is easier to connect with a  PDA (must be Bluetooth in that case). You can see some models here.

You can use a GPS to records routes and display them in googlemaps for example.

Program installation

First you have to download the Winodb.exe program and the wav file alert.wav and put the 2 files in the same directory (named as you want, for example WinODB in Program files directory). Do not rename these 2 files !

Before using the program

You have to record a first full refill in order to inform the software of the tank capacity.

You have to do all the settings : communication ports, vehicle caracteristics, alerts.

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