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View track outline and speed (and more data if OBD is used) graph

To use this function you must have checked Record tracks box in the settings window before the timing session (in order to have record position and speed during the session). Press View button. The following screen appears :

File choice

The default file name is the one defined in the settings screen. Of course you can change it by using the keyboard or select a different name in the list of the combo box (all the .log.txt files in the current folder are displayed in the list). You can specify an other timing log file in the second zone in order to compare with other timing session (other day and/or other car, same track of course !). Speed from the first file will be displayed in red color, green color for the second file.

Press the View button. A menu is displayed, asking the action you want to do :

Display choice

If you select track option, the following screen appears after a few seconds (or minutes, depends of the performance of the computer, the number of laps, the rate of the GPS – 5 hz GPS generates huge file you should display on a PC instead of the PocketPC you used to create it !) :

Track outline

Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to see the speed at the corresponding track position (point displayed in red colour for the first file, green for the second file (or lap if no second file defined). You can use < and > button to move the cursor position.

You can make virtual races by selecting different laps in the red and green combo boxes in which times are displayed. If only one file is selected in the top of the screen all combo boxes contain times of the only file, if 2 files are selected, red combo box contains the times of the first file, greed combo box contains times of the second file.

If 2 files are selected, ChronoGPS apply starting/finishing line of the first file to the logs of the second. The consequence is that (all) the times of the second file are re-calculated and can be different of the ones displayed during the session (appends when the starting/finishing line are not the same – but same track of course - between the 2 files).

Press Close button to close view window.

If you select Speed / Distance option, the following screen displaying speed graph appears after a few seconds (or minutes, see previous explanations) :

Speed / distance graph

This view mode shows the speed function of the distance so you can easily compare 2 laps, when and where the driver brakes, max speed, acceleration differences, etc... You can display the Speed / Time graph and the timing tables selecting the other options.

You can also calculate intermediate time when you display track outline. First, move the cursor to place the red position at the starting position you want to calculate the intermediate and press 1 button :

Intermediate time calculation – Step #1

Move the cursor to place the red position at the finishing position and press 2 button. ChronoGPS calculates intermediate times between point #1 and #2 point and displays a « zoom » of the track as shown on the following screen :

Intermediate time calculation – Step #2

You can display new time table, speed graph, etc.. buy pressing View button and selecting the different options menu.

Intermediate time calculationResult

Press 1 ou 2 button to display original times.

Intermediate laptime calculation

ChronoGPS can calculate intermediate laptime. Press View button, then  select Track (intermediate laptime). The following screen appears :

Track outline and timing sections

or select Time table (intermediate laptime). The following screen appears :

Time table and intermediate laptimes

ChronoGPS calculate sections analyzing brake/accelation phases (a section can not be less than 300 meters long)

You can compare 2 timing files :

Track outline of 2 timing files and timing sections

Time table of 2 timing files and intermediate laptimes

You can define your own sections. First press M button :

Section definition : step #1

Then click on the track layout on each point you want to calculate intermediate laptime :

Section definition : step #2

Once you have defined all the sections, press M button. Intermediate laptime are calculated and displayed on the track layout.

Section definition : step #3

The content of the time table is updated :

Time table and intermediate laptimes

Accelerations calculation

ChronoGPS can calculate lateral and longitudinal accelerations. When you load a log file, ChronoGPS compute acceleration (or ask if you want to compute if you run it on a PDA because this operation can take a long time). You can display acceleration pressing View button, select Legend menu, check Long. Accel. or Lat. Accel. check box. and press OK button.

Press View and select Save Accelerations menu to save accelerations. ChronoGPS makes a copy of the initial file (adding "_accel" to the name) with acceleration data.

Export vers Google Earth

Click Google Earth Export menu. Chronogps creates as many files (kml format) as existing laps . Open Google Earth program and open theses files to get this :

One lap under Google Earth

You can see marks on the map containing datas and times.

TrackVision Export

All data can be exported to TrackVision format in order to get data visualization on videos : just click on TrackVision Export.

More informations here : http://www.trackvision.net/

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