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Quick start

When you lanch the program, the following screen appears :

This screen always appears on the classic version.

The first time you run Chronogps, the following screen appears :

The central button is disabled if you don't have GPS signal.

After a few seconds (or minutes) the central button will be enabled.

Press this button, the following screen appears :

Set the track name, check "Different finish line" the track if you record times between a distinct starting and finishing line (type rallye special) then press the button "Save and go to track". The following screen appears :

Go on the track and when you cross the starting line, press the button "Go to starting line, the press this button", the following screen appears :

Go straight on the track (20 meters). If you checked "Different finish line" Chronogps will ask you to press the button a second time when you cross the finish line.

At the end of theses steps, you will get this screen :

Timing is in progress !

Envoyez un courrier électronique à chronogps@free.fr pour toute question ou suggestion concernant ChronoGPS !
Send email to chronogps@free.fr for any question or suggestion about ChronoGPS !
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