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GPSTripMeter pour Android


Before using GPSTripMeter you have to set different parameters pressing Menu button then Settings. The following screen appears :

Check Record path to save trips and view them under Google Maps.

Press Path name to set the file name where GPS position will be recorded.

Press Sampling to set the record frequency. Default is one GPS points per 20 secondes. Be carefull : A smaller number (i.e. higher frequency) will generate bigger file.

Check External storage if you want to save data on the external memory card instead of the internal memory of the smartphone. Set the name support (default is /sdcard) and the directory (default is GPSTripmeter but you can change it of course).

The first time you launch GPSTripmeter you get the following screen :

Press the Press button to begin session when you start the stage of the TSD rally :

The software compute total distance, elapsed time and average speed. At any moment you can force the total distance pressing the zone, the following screen appears :

Set the new total distance and press OK (back button cancel).

The software calculate the new average speed based on the new total distance and the elapsed time :

A second odometer (intermediate distance) is available at the bottom of the screen. A single press on it reset the value to zero.

Path recording and Google Map view

With the Premium version you can record GPS positions (each 20 seconds for example). GPS points are recorded in a file named with the name you set in the setting screen. The file is named with ".trace.txt" extension  an can be opened with spredsheet software for exemple. The format of each line is : date & time, latitude, longitude, altitude, total distance, intermediate distance (or 0).

To view the path with Google Maps press Menu then View Path option. The following screen appears :

Select the file you want to view. GPSTripmeter displays the path. The icon :

represents each GPS point. Press the icon to display the time & date, average speed, total and intermediate distance at this point.

Download and Premium License

The software is available on the Android Market : it is an evaluation version limited to 5 kms path in order to test in real conditions. A Premium version is available :



Premium version : Double odometer, average speed, unlimited distance, path recording, Google Maps view.

4,99 euros

The license is given to one personnal user. The license number is name and hardware specific.

How to get Premium version ?

Pay the premium licence via Paypal.

Press the Menu button then Premium License. The following screen appears :

Set you email address, Paypal transaction reference and press the Ask for activation code to get the Premium code.

You will get the code via email. Put this code in this screen then press Save activation code. You run the Premium version !

If you don't want to pay via Paypal send email to chronogps@free.fr to find a solution !

Envoyez un courrier électronique à chronogps@free.fr pour toute question ou suggestion concernant ChronoGPS, GPSTripMeter ou GPSDetective.
Send email to chronogps@free.fr for any question or suggestion about ChronoGPS, GPSTripMeter or GPSDetective.
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