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All the following functions are only available in the Premium Version.

Permium version allows starting/finish lane using Google Maps feature directly in Chronogps.

Select <New track (Google Maps)> in the Track list. The following screen appears :

Now you can define the starting lane pressing one point one the map on one side of the track :

A Flag appears one the selected GPS point and a bubble show the coordinates (longitude, latitude et altitude). Press a second point on the other side of the track to achieve the definition :

The finish line is drawn (red line). Make it larger than the track (like on the screenshoot).

If you are running on a track with distinct starting and finishing line, check Different finish line and define the starting and finish line (2 more points).

Set the track name  then press the "Save" button to save your settings.

This feature requires DATA connexion (Wifi or 3G).

You can send (in real time) your times (each lap or only best lap) via SMS : Select the "Send laps to..." option. The following screen appears :

Select the appropriate sending mode (Don't send/Send all laps to/Send best lap to) and check the different contact names to whom you wan't to communicate your times. Set the SMS text/Subject message (your times will be added). Press the Save button to validate your settings.

You can transmit results and logs pressing Menu then "Send logs by email" option. The following screen appears :

Press Send to transmit datas to the email.

Connexion with external GPS or/and OBD interface is possible pressing Menu button then select "Settings". Check Bluetooth external GPS and/or Bluetooth OBD Interface.

Chronogps ask you to choose the external GPS :

You can press "Scan for devices" if the GPS doesn't appear in the list. A pairing code can be required.

Chronogps ask you to choose the external OBD interface :

You can press "Scan for devices" if the GPS doesn't appear in the list. A pairing code can be required.

If you choose an OBD interface, Chronogps ask for the datas you want to monitor :

Select parameters and press OK (don't select too much, OBD interface is usually slow, less than 5 Hz for only one parameter).

It is possible to set the init sequence ot the OBD interface pression the Menu button, the the "+3 option and "OBD settings" option :

The following screen appears :

The default init sequence is displayed. It is often necessary to adapt this sequence according to the brand of the OBD interface and / or model of car. Most of the time you will have to replace AT DP by AT DP SP 6 (or other number,depending on the car). Click the button "Test inìt sequence" to test the init sequence. If after a few seconds "OBD Init OK" appears when the sequence is OK.

Click on "Read OBDValues" to monitor parameters selected after the choice of the OBD interface. Beware the OBD interface can only work engine running.

If you can not get the result "OBD Init OK" then enter * before AT WS, press "Save" button then "Test init sequence" button and send obdlog.txt and initobd.txt created in the storage folder ("ChronoGPS" on / sdcard by default) to chronogps@free.fr.

It is possible to customize the interface screen by performing a long press on a display area, the following menu appears:

You can choose the information to be displayed at the selected location : Last lap,Best lap, Time, Speed, challenger time, and also value from the OBD monitoring (engine rpm, water temperature,...)

Envoyez un courrier électronique à chronogps@free.fr pour toute question ou suggestion concernant ChronoGPS !
Send email to chronogps@free.fr for any question or suggestion about ChronoGPS !
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