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Paramétrages avancés

Advanced settings

Press the Menu button of the device and press Settings option. The following screen appears :

You can :

  1. Check "Record tracks" if you want to record positions and speeds to draw track, speed graph, etc… (be carreful : this can generate huge files).

  2. Monitor X,Y,Z accelaration checking "Using accelerometer"
  3. Change the media where Chronogps save datas :

Check "External storage name" to save files on an external memory card. Set the name of the card (/sdcard is default setting) and the directory (the name you want, default is Chronogps)


  1. Use a bluetooth external GPS (5 or 10 H), only with Premium version.
  2. Use a bluetooth external OBD interface, only with Premium version.

From the menu, pressing "+" option then :

  1. Select the "Delete track" option to delete the selected track. Confirm your demand pressing Yes button.

  2. Select the Online help option to read the online help on your device.
  3. "OBD Settings" : You get access to the settings screen of the OBD interface, only with Premium version.
  4. "Send laps to..." : You can send times to other users of Chronogps by SMS, only with Premium version.
  5. "Send  logs by mail" : You can send times and logs by email to any email address, only with Premium version.

Track definition

Select <New track (define)> in the Track list :

The following screen appears :


Set the track name and the coordinates of point A, B (and C, D if you are running on a track with distinct starting and finishing line), using Google Earth or, if possible, walking to the different points and pressing the corresponding "GPS" button. Press the "Save" button to save your settings. Timing can start !.

Track choice and timing

Once one or more tracks setted, you can select track in the track list :

Chronogps displays the best lap and the timing table at the bottom of the screen (under "View button" - must scroll the screen) :


If you get the GPS signal you can start a timing session pressing "Ready for timing...". Timing start, each time is added to the time table and the file. Press "Timing in progress..." to end the session.

Envoyez un courrier électronique à chronogps@free.fr pour toute question ou suggestion concernant ChronoGPS !
Send email to chronogps@free.fr for any question or suggestion about ChronoGPS !
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