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The program must be installed on the phone that will be used as a GPS tracker. When you launch the program, you get the following screen :

Press the GPS tracker button to configure the program in tracker mode. The following screen appears:

Password previously defined is required to have access to settings.

Immediate activation check box must be checked in the classic version because only the premium version allows remote control from a smartphone on which GPSDetective premium version is executed.

Specify the starting time and ending time of monitoring pressing the Start and End buttons. To specify an all day long monitoring specify 00:00 (12:00 AM) and 23:59 (11:59 PM).

Enter the phone number to alert in case of move in the Alert # zone.

Specify the frequency monitoring in the Frequency zone. The program checks the GPS position using this interval (in seconds), compares it to the starting position, and sends a SMS message to the recipient specified in the Alert # zone if the position has changed. Specify a higher number if you want to preserve battery (because of the use of the GPS chip in the phone). Specify a reasonable range (120 to 600 seconds seems reasonable).

Check the Signal power on check box if you want to trigger an alarm when the phone is waked up. 2 SMS will be sent : The first one will signal the wake up containing the last known GPS position. The second one will contain the current position.

Check the Signal low battery check box if you want to trigger a warning signal on low battery.  2 SMS will be sent : The first one will signal the low battery containing the last known GPS position. The second one will contain the current position (if enough battery).

Set the sensitivity to movement in the Sensitivity zone. Indeed, a GPS log to another, the position may vary slightly due to the inaccuracy of measurement. A value of 1 is likely to trigger alerts on unnecessary movement. A value of 2 will signal movement of more than 100 meters from the position originally stored. A value of 10 will signal only movement beyond 1000 meters from the starting position.

Check the Test Mode Select (no SMS) check box to test the program without emitting SMS. The different states of the tracker will be displayed on the screen (popup windows indicating memorization of the original position, motion detection, etc...). With the test mode you can test different values for sensitivity.

Check the Silent Mode check box if you want to run GPSDetective in silence mode : No popup, no icon in the notification bar on the smart phone.

Set a password to protect access to settings screen.

Press the Start button to start the tracker monitoring of movement.

Press Stop to stop movement monitoring.

When a movement is detected it sends an SMS to the recipient. This message has the following syntax:

[GD]MOVE:Latitude,Longitude,Altitude (hour:minute:second), http://maps.google.com/maps?q=lat+lon

GPSDetective in tracker mode is autonomous, it continues to send SMS each time a new motion is detected compared to the last recorded position. Stop monitoring will require physical access to the smart phone running GPSDetective in tracker mode (except if you have GPSDetective Premium running on another smart phone) : Start GPSDetective, press the Tracker button and then press the Stop button.

The Premium version of GPSDetective can remotely control a smart phone running GPSDetective in tracker mode. It is possible to :

  • Query the position of a remote GPS tracker
  • Program (or change the program) a remote GPS tracker to establish a (new) beginning & ending monitoring, frequency, sensitivity and phone number of the recipient to notify in case of movement.
  • Stop the GPS tracker
  • View in Google Maps positions issued by the tracker.

You control a phone running GPSDetective in tracker mode installing the software GPSDetective on the phone controller. Then, to activate the premium version, you must :

  • Purchase the premium license (by pressing the "Acheter" button below)
  • Start the GPSDetective program
  • Press the phone menu button and press the License premium option. Set your email address and the PayPal transaction number, then press the Ask for activation code button. An email will be sent with the activation code. Set the activation code in the Premium License screen then press the Save activation code button.

Once the premium version activated, press the Controller button, the following screen appears:

Set the phone number of the smartphone on which the GPSDetective in running in tracker mode in the Tracker # area.

Select the command you want to send to the tracker :

  • Immediate position : The program ask (sending a SMS to the tracker : [GD]WAY?) for the tracker position. The tracker answers with a SMS to the phone controller (syntax : [GD]POS:Latitude,Longitude,Altitude (hour:minute:second), http://maps.google.com/maps?q=lat+lon )
  • Stop tracker : the program sends an SMS ([GD] STOP) to the GPS tracker so that it stops any monitoring of movement.
  • Start tracker : the program sends an SMS ([GD] START = Starting Time, Ending Time, Frequency, Sensitivity, power monitoring, battery monitoring, acknowledgment) to the GPS tracker so that it starts the monitoring of movement at the required moment.

Set the different parameters : Start, End, Alert #, Frequency, Signal power on, Signal low battery and Sensitivity as required for the tracker mode.

Check the acknowledgement of receipt check box if you want to receive SMS confirmation of the command reception.

Press the Execute command button to send the selected command to the smart phone executing GPSDetective in tracker mode.

Press the Show Tracking logs to display under Google Maps positions sent by a tracker.

Press the Stop Tracker monitoring button to stop supervision of SMS sent by a tracker.

If you close this screen without pressing the Stop Tracker monitoring button, GPSDetective runs in background, checking for incoming SMS from a GPSDetective running in tracker mode and, in case of reception, displays in the foreground a Google Maps screen showing the tracker position (the same you get when you press the Show Tracking logs button) :

Download and Premium license purchasing

You can download GPSDetective on the Android Market.

To activate the premium version you must purchase the premium license :



Premium version : Remote control of a smart phone running GPSDective in tracker mode (getting the immediate position, program start/stop, positions display under Google Maps with address geo coding)

2,99 euros

The license is given to one personal user. The license number is name and hardware specific.

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